This is the beginning of an experiment born out of my dissatisfaction with most flatware available today. Having studied metalsmithing throughout college and grad school, I learned some of the necessary skills to create tableware out of silver. Handmade flatware was one of the first items to be completely replaced by machine-made versions early in the industrial revolution. Because of this, the spoons and forks we use today are the result of a design evolution heavily influenced by the capabilities and limitations of the factory. Of course, mass-production allowed everyone to afford and access utensils, but I can’t help feeling that something was lost when this transition occurred. Spoons and forks are some of the earliest tools we learn to manipulate and their connection to our bodies, both physically and in the service of nutrition, is essential to our beings. Considering utensils in this way compelled me to begin to produce these simple and elegant dining tools completely by hand.

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