LEE BOROSON – Giant’s Way (2009)

Silicone coated nylon fabric, fleece, nylon organza, buttons, cord,  hardware, and blower

Wall text from San Diego New Children’s Museum:

Lee Boroson’s inflatable fabric sculpture, Giant’s Way, engages visitors as they travel up and down the stairwells and along the mezzanines. Suspended from 60 feet above the Museum’s floor, Giant’s Way appears alive with a gentle vibration from its blower, a spare luminescence and oddly friendly forms make it appear alive.  To the artist, giants in stories and myth represent the unknown and the uncontrollable.  He notes that, “previous generations believed that giants created both ancient architecture and geological formations. Traditions and stories produced a robust fear of these unknown beings.”  We can also see giants as overgrown children, following impulses that often forget the restrictions of good behavior. What giants have you heard about? What do you think giants like to do?