“The Fourth State” was originally designed for exhibition at GLOW2010 in Santa Monica, California. It was sited in the passageway under the Santa Monica pier, a few hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean shoreline. The project was designed to be a narrative, experienced in four components, which can be understood in relation to each other. The components are “Ground Cover” a fabric sculpture that refers to a lava field. Ten large panels rest on the ground, surfaces twist and turn and are occasionally punctured by blown glass forms, which pop up, lighting the piece from within. “Shade Cloth”, a sort of fabric cloud, grey with a yellow interior, looms close to the ground, spot-lit as though it is being examined in the space of a hangar. “Water Feature” a torrent of 20,000 white rayon tassels pouring down from the ceiling above. And finally “Dynamo” a five-foot diameter stainless steel sphere lit from within and casting its red/ orange glow on the surrounding walls.

Images posted here are from the project installed in States of Matter, College at St. Rose, Albany, NY, September 17-October 31, 2010